English 46C Reading Schedule

Instructor: Dr. John Stenzel

Schedule of Readings--Second Half of the Quarter

9 May
Midterm Exam
11 May
Wilde: The Importance of Being Earnest (1761)
16 May

"The Woman Question" section
Intro + at least the first 10 pages of Shaw's Mrs. Warren's Profession
18 May

Revisions of Paper 1 due this week, with marked-up original attached.
Conrad, intro + Heart of Darkness pp. 1980-89
A.E. Houseman section (2041-47)
Ruskin on "Imperial Duty"
Chinua Achebe, selection from "An Image of Africa: Racism in Heart of Darkness"
23 May

Voices from World War I:
Brooke, Sassoon, Rosenberg, Owen
25 May

Paper 2 Deadline 1: for comments and revision suggestions
Yeats: Lake Isle of Innisfree (2092), The Fascination of What's Difficult (2098),
September 1913 (2099), Wild Swans at Coole (2101) Selections from "The Trembling of the Veil" (2127-2131)
Eliot: Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock (2364)
30 May

Yeats: Sailing to Byzantium (2109), Byzantium (2115), Easter 1916
Eliot: The Waste Land (2368)
1 June

Paper 2 Deadline 2: for comments and grade
Lawrence: The Horse Dealer's Daughter (2330), Why the Novel Matters (2341)
Love on the Farm (2346), Piano (2346), Bavarian Gentians (2351),
Snake (2352), The Ship of Death (2357)
Mansfield, The Daughters of the Late Colonel (2409)
The Fly [To be photocopied and handed out.]
6 June

Joyce: Araby (2236), Ulysses [Proteus] (2269)
Woolf: The Mark on the Wall (2143), Professions for Women (2214)
8 June

Paper 2 Final Deadline (by noon Friday)
(for grade and minimal comments)
Stevie Smith: selection (2451-55)
Auden: In Memory of W,B. Yeats (2506), The Shield of Achilles (2511)
Heaney, selection (2818-28)
Catch up / Review
Saturday, 10 June

Final Exam, 4-6PM
The final will cover the entire quarter's reading,
with more specific recall expected of the second half.

Last updated: 22 May 2000