John Stenzel
American Studies 151, American Landscapes & Places
Fall Quarter, 2000

Assignment 3--Research Proposal / Poster Project
Due Wednesday, December 6, start of class

In this synthesis you will pursue a Yosemite-related topic of interest to you, as if you are laying out a well-thought-out prospectus for an American Studies thesis. This will be a work-in-progress / scoping demonstration showing your competence to conduct larger-scale work. In that respect it is prospective and not a finished product, but it is nonetheless a substantial piece of work. I strongly suggest that you work with another person on this, both for the collegial experience and for logistical convenience.

Your task here is several-fold, though the order of your presentation need not follow this in lock-step sequence:

Most groups will create a poster / table-top exhibit, combining written text, visual text, and sometimes artifacts. Web pages and multimedia are appropriate, if well-controlled and manageable.

As with other exercises in this class, this is an opportunity to think critically about Yosemite as a public place, about the ways we as a nation and as a people experience place, creating meanings and absorbing significance of human interaction with the environment.

I will be asking for specific research activities in the coming two weeks, and will be holding additional office hours to make this assignment productive as a multi-faceted learning experience. DO e-mail me or call me with questions! DON'T try to do this assignment at the last minute. DON'T think that unintegrated or halfhearted work will suffice. One of my aims here is to challenge you to command and apply the discourse of this field in ways you may not have experienced before.

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