American Studies 151 Reading Schedule

Instructor: Dr. John Stenzel

Reading Assignments and Dates--First Half

Monday, 2 October:
Intro, goals etc.
Wednesday, 4 October:
Jackson, "The Word [Landscape] Itself"
Monday, 9 October

Carr et al, "Value of Public Space" 1-10
Jackson, "Places for Fun and Games." 11-19
Wednesday, 11 October:

Autobiographical essay due
Jackson, "A Pair of Ideal Landscapes" 20-42
Spirn, "Survival and Imagination:
Reading and Telling the Meanings of Landscape" 70-80
Monday, 16 October:

Carr et al, "Public Space Meanings and Connections" 43-69
Engbeck, "Yosemite, The First Park" 106-16
Wednesday, 18 October:

Schama, "Introduction." 81-87
Spirn, "Artful Telling, Deep Reading:
The Literature of Landscape." 88-105
Johnston, "Yosemite: The First National Park." 117-120
Monday, 23 October:

Jackson, "The Sacred Grove in America." 155-61
Schama, "The Verdant Cross." 178-88
Wednesday, 25 October:

Knobloch, "Trees." 162-77
Sears, "Scenery as Art: Yosemite and the Big Trees." 189-206
Monday, 30 October:

MacCannell, "A Semiotic of Attraction" 226-40
McClelland, "Chinquapin Intersection, Yosemite."
"The Wawona Tunnel and Overlook." 121-34
Wednesday 1 November:

First analytical essay due
Beveridge, "Yosemite and the Mariposa Big Tree Grove." 207-11
Olmsted, "Preliminary Report on the Yosemite and Big Tree Grove. [August 1865]" 212-25
Friday-Sunday, 3-5 November:
Field trip to Yosemite
Monday 6 November:

Ethan Carr, "'Conserve the Scenery': The National Park as 20th-Century Landscape Park." 135-54

Wednesday 8 November:
Midterm Exam

Last updated: 18 October 2000